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John Northman, PhD, ABPP

Consulting Clinical Psychologist

Expert consultation to attorneys and mental health therapists concerning:


Child Custody

Dr. Northman helps professionals reach effective resolutions when family conflict and strain and children's needs are greatest.



Parenting plans, and coordination of parental roles and responsibilities following divorce are crucial and challenging.  Dr. Northman's consultations help professionals navigate the nuances.



Attorney and psychotherapists can do a great deal to help mediation succeed and prevent the costs and strain of court proceedings.  Dr. Northman shows professionals how they can do so with compassion and assertive containment.


Complex Family Therapy

Therapists face the highest clinical challenges when managing family therapy in the presence of high conflict.  Dr. Northman's therapeutic consultation helps therapists promote healthy change and educates attorneys on how best to support the therapeutic process.

Therapy Sessions
Approach to Consultation

Working with families on issues related to conflict, separation and divorce can be a formidable professional challenge for attorneys and therapists.  A knowledgeable mental health consultant can make the crucial difference for these professionals as they assist their clients toward a faster, more successful resolution.

Dr. Northman

An authority on child custody issues and co-author of the American Psychological Association's Child Custody Evaluation Guidelines, Dr. Northman is also a trained mediator and parent coordinator.

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